Helper's Boarding House

Our boarding house is open for helpers who are hired by our clients only.

Free of Charge for helpers if your employer has purchased our full package while waiting for the visa.


$50 per night for helper if your employer is using our direct hiring package.(Paid by your employer)

$50 per night for other reasons where employer requests their helper to stay at a boarding house.(Paid by your employer)


No charge from agency (for employer who purchased our full package only) but there is a donation box in the boarding house.

We will be happy if you are willing to donate to help dogs and cats❤️



The boarding house is for helpers who are:

  • Waiting for your visa or flight
  • Requested by employer to stay at a boarding house due to special reasons

# Stay out is not acceptable


The boarding house comes with:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Washing machine for laundry
  • A terrace to hang your clothes


Bed Space: 


Shared Corridor: 


Shared Kitchen (With washing machine): 


Shared Toiler & Shower:


Shared Terrace: