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Jae mee Claire

Jae mee Claire

Filipino  |  Christian  |  Married  |  30 years old  |  2 kids
Hong Kong  |  4yrs experience

Ref#: 230820jae7696

Hi Sir or Madam,

I am Jae mee Claire, 30 years old. You can call me Claire in short. I am looking for a new employer because my employer will be relocating to Canada. I am from Isabela, Philippines. I have children. My son is 9 years old, my daughter is 8 years old. My purpose of working here is to provide needs for my family. I want to give good education for my children.


My first employer is a Hong Kong family of 4, the couple and 8 years old girl and a baby. Cooking, ironing clothes, wash clothes, take care of kids. My former employer is a Hong Kong family too. They are 3 - a couple and teenager girl. My duties are cooking, marketing, ironing clothes, do laundry and take care a cat.

I am looking for an employer with a pet or teenager child since I an afraid to handle newborn babies. I can communicate well to my employer, willing to learn and I am very flexible.


If you hire me, I can assure you that I will take care of your family and you can also trust me. I am looking forward to see you soon. Thank you and God bless you!


Terminated due to relocation/Financial matter/Passed away
Available from: 2023-08-20



Groceries   Marketing   Tutoring   Teen Care   Pet Care   Housekeeping   Child Care  

Vegetarian   Chinese   Cook pork  

Gardening   Housework   Car Wash  


Feb 2019 - Sep 2021
Domestic Helper Hong Kong
Chinese Family
Duties: Cooking, Housekeeping, Baby Care, Kids Care, Tutoring, Marketing

Oct 2021 - Aug 2023
Domestic Helper Hong Kong
Chinese Family
Duties: Cooking, Housekeeping, Kids Care, Pet Care, Marketing