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Filipino  |  Catholic  |  Married  |  50 years old  |  2 kids
Hong Kong  |  6yrs experience

Ref#: 230618erl4655

Hi Sir/Mam,

I am Erlyn, 50 years old now. You can call me Lyn for short. I am now looking for new employer after I finish my contract this October 11, 2023.


I am from Batangas City but I move to Cavite City now. I have 2 daughters. The reason why I work in Hong Kong is to provide my family and daughter college.

My work experience are I work in Japan for 12 years. One family with 1 daughter since I get divorce with my ex husband Japanese. That's why I speak Japanese very well. I read hiragana & katakana & sometimes read Kanji. I graduate from POLO OWWA Training College for professional child development program.

My first employer in Hong Kong are: Chinese family with 2 adults with 1 daughter. I take care the baby since she was 3 months old until 4 years old. The reason why I don't renew because I'm looking for new employer, new experience and new meeting people and she don't renew anymore.

My second employer was a Japanese family with 1 daughter 1 year 8 months. I work with them only 5 months because the reason of relocation went back to Japan.


My previous employer now is a Japanese family also with 1 baby. I work with them since my madam pregnant 7 months. My duties are mostly on cleaning, doing laundry, wash dishes, house chores. I don't work on cooking because my madam will cook. I don't do groceries also because we order online . My boss are hands on their first first baby boy. But sometimes I take care of kid, play when madam is work from home. I wake up 7:00am finish at 8:00pm. Sometimes I finish 7:00pm. During my day-off I don't have to do anything. All is free time during day-off. I have to go church when it's my off and I do join a Filipino community activities like pageant, hiking & doing church chores. After I finish my contract I looking for new employer with newborn baby since I love taking care of kids. My strong point as a helper is I cam communicate well with my employer and I can manage my time well. I also willing to learn more as my employer's request. If you hire me, I can assure you that I will take good care of your family & love your kids as my own.

I am quiet person. I like to have my own privacy. I'm also a trustworthy helper, patient, caring & loyal to my employer. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


Finished contract
Available from: 2023-10-11


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May 2000 - May 2012
Domestic Helper Japan
Japanese Family
Duties: Cooking, Housekeeping, Kids Care

Dec 2017 - Dec 2019
Domestic Helper Hong Kong
Chinese Family
Duties: Housekeeping, Kids Care
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Dec 2019 - Apr 2021
Domestic Helper Hong Kong
Japanese Family
Duties: Housekeeping, Baby Care, Kids Care

Oct 2021 - Oct 2023
Domestic Helper Hong Kong
Japanese Family
Duties: Cooking, Housekeeping, Baby Care