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Henra Marie

Henra Marie

Filipino  |  Catholic  |  Single  |  38 years old
Hong Kong  |  9yrs experience

Ref#: 230204hen0013

Hi Sir/Madam,

I am Henra Marie, 38 years old. You can call me Henra or Marie for short (whichever you prefer). I am now looking for a new employer because my employer will be relocating to another country. I am from Iloilo City, Philippines. My hometown is known as the “City of Love”. I am still single and no kids. I graduated in College for two years, my course is Associate of Restaurant and Management. I also graduated one year of caregiver. While I am studying as caregiver, I did some on job training at public hospital and private hospital for one month.

I am open-minded, flexible, hardworking, open for criticism (will take it as possible to improve my work) taking initiative, open communication, can work independently without supervision, honest, doesn't snake or drink. I am the type of person willing to learn more and trying new things to improve my work. I am easy-going, taking care my health well so I can work longer as a helper, understanding, easy to approach and I have good of command of English.

My current employer is a British/Japanese couple from UK, London with one shiba dog who is now 4 years old. I woke up 6:30am to get ready myself but my work start at 7am. They treat me like a family. I eat together with them share food with them at the same they gave my food allowance as well in case I want to buy something and don't want to eat their food. My routine everyday is doing all the housechores, cleaning, laundry, ironing, washing the car, cooking. I usually cook Japanese/English food depends what they want to eat. I follow recipes that they gave to me. I am willing to try to cook different kind of cuisines or follow recipes. I also walk the dog two times a day, gave her food, brush her teeth, cut her nails, brush her hair, all about pet grooms is I also do it. During afternoon I have a rest time and I usually finish work before 9pm. The reason that I am looking for new employer is they're moving back to the UK for good. My last work with them is March 25, 2023.

My other experience as a helper is first employer in Hong Kong. We are two helper, two couples, one daughter and one elderly. I've been with them for more than 7 years and the reason is they relocate to other country for good.

I am looking for employer who are couples, couples with dog, couples with toddler. I am good at communicating with employers, I know and speak English well. Looking for new employer who can work for long term.

If you hire me, I will do my best and assure you that I will take good care of your family with love and respect. I will do my best to do whatever satisfy you as employer. I am looking forward to seeing you soon and work with you. Thank you and God bless you!


Terminated due to relocation/Financial matter/Passed away
Available from: 2023-03-25



Groceries   Marketing   Tutoring   Teen Care   Housekeeping   Elderly care   Child Care  

Cook pork   Chinese   Vegetarian   Italian  

Computer   Caregiver   Housework   Baking   Car Wash  


Nov 2013 - Jul 2021
Domestic Helper Hong Kong
Asian Family
Duties: Cooking, Housekeeping, Kids Care, Elderly Care, Tutoring, Car Washing, Marketing
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Jul 2021 - Mar 2023
Domestic Helper Hong Kong
British Family
Duties: Cooking, Housekeeping, Pet Care, Car Washing, Marketing
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