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Filipino  |  Christian  |  Single  |  39 years old  |  2 kids
Hong Kong  |  5yrs experience

Ref#: 230129haj9710


Hi, I'm Hajje, 39 years old. You can call me Jeje. I am looking for a new employer because my employer terminated me without any reason. I came from the Philippines. I'm also a single mom with two children, all boys. The eldest is 12 years old and the youngest is 7 years old. My kids now living with my mother. My purpose of working here is to provide for the needs of my family in the Philippines and to give good education to my kids.

I have working experience here in Hong Kong, taking care a new baby with all around housechores. I finished my contract 2 years and they decided to for good in the UK, the reason I change my employer. My latest employer with 7 years old boy and 4 cats with all around housework, like washing clothes, cooking, tidy up the while house, ironing, taking care the 4 cats and taking care the years old boy.

I am looking for an employer with a newborn baby or toddler since I love taking care of them. My strong point as a helper is I can communicate well with my employer and can manage my time well. I am also willing to learn more as my employer's request.


If you hire me Mam/Sir, I assure you to do my job with love and have initiative to do the things well. I will take good care of your family and be honest all the time. Hope to give me a chance to prove my capability to work with your family. Thank you and God bless.


Terminated / Broke contract
Available from: 2023-02-03


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Baby Care   Child Care   Cooking   Housekeeping   Pet Care  




Mar 2017 - Jun 2019
Domestic Helper Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian Family
Duties: Housekeeping, Kids Care
I have a reference letter

Oct 2019 - Jun 2020
Domestic Helper Hong Kong
Chinese Family
Duties: Cooking, Housekeeping, Baby Care, Pet Care

Sep 2020 - Sep 2022
Domestic Helper Hong Kong
Chinese Family
Duties: Cooking, Housekeeping, Baby Care
I have a reference letter

Sep 2022 - Jan 2023
Domestic Helper Hong Kong
Chinese Family
Duties: Cooking, Housekeeping, Kids Care, Pet Care