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Filipino  |  Catholic  |  Separated  |  38 years old  |  3 kids
Hong Kong  |  16yrs experience

Ref#: 221105mel1355

Good day Ma'am/Sir,

I am Melanie, 38 years old or you can call me Lanie in short.

I am from Bicol one of the part in Philippines, where you can find the Mt. Volcano. I am a single parent, a mother of 3 children. 2 daughters, 21, 17 years old. 1 son 19 years old. They are studying in college, that's my purpose of still working here to support financially for their education. I am also the one who support my parents' needs.

I'm working first here for 4 years with Canadian Chinese family 4 adults. Couple and twins same boy. Every morning I wake up around 7am to prepare their breakfast and when they leave, I do my duties like cleaning the house, feed the fish at rooftop, go to market to buy some food for dinner.

But I want to share my experience with my previous employer family for more than 11 years. I came to their family to take care of their children, boy 2 years old and girl 1 year old and now they are 14 and 13 years old. I love to take care of the kids because I am a mother but also because I love kids. I always prepare their food and send their school but when they grow up only downstairs of our building because they have they have school bus and they come back by their own. I love cooking, one of my priorities for them, I go to market every day. When I came back, I'll do my duties like cleaning the house, feed & tidy the dirt of our dog, wash the clothes. After those duties, I am talking with their kids like bonding because they treat me as a family. I end my duties around 8 or 9pm. It depends what time they finish but if
necessary and my need service, I'm always present.

I am looking for an employer who's willing to be part of their family to taking good care, serve with love, kind, generosity, trustworthy, especially to your children.

My strong point as a helper is I can communicate well with my employer and can manage my time well. I am also willing to listen and learn more as per my employer request.

If you hire/choose me, I can assure to do my duties and responsibilities as your helper. I will take good care of your family and you can trust me. Thank you very much & I am looking forward to see you soon.


Available from: 2022-11-03



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Feb 2005 - Feb 2010
Domestic Helper Hong Kong
HongKongese Family
Duties: Cooking, Housekeeping, Kids Care, Pet Care, Car Washing, Marketing

Sep 2011 - Nov 2022
Domestic Helper Hong Kong
HongKongese Family
Duties: Cooking, Housekeeping, Baby Care, Kids Care, Pet Care, Marketing