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Mary Vie

Mary Vie

Filipino  |  Catholic  |  Married  |  38 years old  |  4 kids
Hong Kong  |  4yrs experience

Ref#: 221009mar3026

I'm Mary Vie Capiral, 38 years old. Currently I am working here in Hong Kong. I am working for a Chinese family 2 adults and 2 kids. I have co-helper as well.

I'm taking care 2 years old baby since the baby is newborn. I start my work 7am. I do washing baby bottle and preparing breakfast. I cook pancake and make coffee for my boss until 8am. After that the baby is wake up. I brush his teeth, change diaper, clothes and I feed him. Then from 9am I do my breakfast for 30 mins. After that I do vacuum, cleaning the walls, doors. I tidy up all the beds and wash clothes, wiping the table. Then 10:30am I prepare cooking for lunch, lunch time 12:10 noon. At 1pm my lunch time for 1 hour. By 2pn we watch youtube with the baby for 30 mins. Then I give him snacks and prepare for walk at the park and go back home at 4pm. After that prepare cooking for dinner. At 6pm I feed the baby for his dinner. After that take a shower for him and play a bit and prepare for bed time. At 7:30 I serve dinner for my boss and by 8pm. I tidy up or clear the kitchen and do some vacuum. At 9pm I finished my work


Finished contract
Available from: 2023-02-09



Groceries   Marketing   Housekeeping   Cooking   Baby Care   Child Care  

Housework   Gardening  


Feb 2014 - Jan 2016
Domestic Helper Malaysia
Indian Family
Duties: Cooking, Housekeeping, Kids Care

Feb 2021 - Jan 2023
Domestic Helper Hong Kong
Chinese Family
Duties: Cooking, Housekeeping, Baby Care, Kids Care, Marketing