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Filipino  |  Catholic  |  Married  |  41 years old  |  1 kids
Hong Kong  |  8yrs experience

Ref#: 220821gina6516

I am Gina Campugan currently working here in hong kong for 6yrs. Currently I am working for a Japanese family and they relocate to Japan so I am looking for a new employer. All of my working status are Finish contract. Current work i started my work at 7:00 am to 9:00pm.. at 7:am I start wash the clothes and clean kitchen and the living room i wipe the table the wall and the door..and then after that I prepare their breakfastI cook soup and toast bread f or them...at 8:00am serve their breakfast and I feed their kids...at 8:45 I tidy up their room. .at 9:15 its break time for my breakfast for 30mins..9:45 we go to park with the kids until 1 1:am.after we go home I do cooking for lunch..12noon it's their lunch time I feed the kids un til 12:30 and after finish I do sleeping with the youngest..at 1pm its my lunch time until 2pm ...then at 2pm i clean toilet and the bathroom...2:45 it's activity time for the kids until 3:30 at 3:30 I do ironing ..4pm I cook food for their dinner 5pm i feed the kids for their dinner...5: 30 I prepare their bed and playing with the kids...at 6pm we watch YouTube with kids for 30 mins.6:30 preparing them to sleep brushing their teeth wiping...7pm I do make them sleep 7:30 I prepare the table for their dinner 8:15 my dinner..8:45 I clear up the kitchen until 9p m.this my daily routine work.Monday to Friday.. Saturday is my marketing day I buy good fo r 1week.. Previous experience with other families Oct.2016 to October 2020..I work for yrs to Chinese family ..I take care of new born ..at 7am I start to clean the vacuuming, wiping and wash the baby bottle.after that I go marketing,,th en take care the play and feed him..12noon I cook lunch,I wash clothes and tidying up the r oom .3pm taking care the baby again until 5:30pm.then do cooking and preparing dinner th en 8:30 clearing kitchen 9pm.i take care again the baby and I sleep with the baby... March 2014 to March 2016 I work at Malaysia...and they're also a Chinese family..I take care 5 dogs..2 German shepherds,,and 3 huskies dong..


Finished contract
Available from: 2022-11-05


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Nov 2020 - Nov 2022 Domestic Helper Hong Kong Japanese Family Duties: Cooking,Housekeeping,Baby Care,Kids Care I have a reference letter


Oct 2016 - Oct 2020 Domestic Helper Hong Kong Chinese Family Duties: Cooking,Housekeeping,Baby Care,Marketing


Mar 2014 - Mar 2016 Domestic Helper Malaysia Malaysian Family Duties: Housekeeping,Pet Care


Finished contract due to employers relocation

6yrs experience in Hong Kong for 2 families (4yrs/2yrs) All finished contract. Good records!

Have some photos of dishes 

Current employer is our customer , you can read their reference letter.